Service Packs

Flexible plans for small and large businesses alike

AbilityMap Managed Service (AMS)

Pay As You Go

Our team works with you to deliver. Ask and you shall receive. Features include

Ability Imprints

Invite any number of candidates and/or employees to discover their strengths and catalog their capability level across 31 Competencies.

Job Profiles

Define what you’re looking for or find out the actual competencies driving performance in a Job within your company.

AMCO Scores

View how well any number of individuals are able to deliver to the performance criteria with a percentage fit score.

Job Fit Reports

Gain insight into a person’s quantitative fit to the performance criterion and access competency-specific interview questions.

Enterprise Match

Annual Subscription

We teach you to drive the bus, supercharge with unlimited Imprints, Job Profiles and AMCO Scores PLUS

Team Enablement

System setup and training.

Multi Match

Compare individuals to multiple Job Profiles and find other roles they’re suited to in your organisation.

Human Capability Balance Sheet

Identify gaps by comparing individuals and/or teams to a Job’s performance criteria or across all competencies.

Product Support

Access to our client support team and expert services.

30 Day Free Trial

Want to try the features of AbilityMap for 30 days? Give us a shout!

AbilityMap Pricing

AbilityMap Managed Service

Pay As You Go

Enterprise Match

Annual Subscription

Ability ImprintsUnlimitedUnlimited
Job Profiles$750 eaUnlimited
AMCO ScoresUnlimitedUnlimited
Job Fit Reports
$492 ea$413 – $97 ea
Human Capability Balance SheetNot ApplicableIncluded

Which Service Pack is Right for Me?

AbilityMap Managed Service is the go if you:

  • Want an easy, quick trial to find or develop more productive people
  • Prefer that we do the admin stuff for you
  • Financial commitment scares you, but you want it when you need it
  • Need better insight within a defined project and budget
  • Don’t need to compare individual, group or team capability levels

Enterprise Match is for forward-looking, action-taking leaders who:

  • Get what this means to organisational productivity
  • Need better recruitment and/or enablement and/or coaching and/or career pathing ROI
  • Have lots of high impact jobs but not millions to get to the next level
  • Drink from the human capital fire hose
  • Know they’ve been looking for the Human Capability Balance Sheet, longer than they can remember
  • Have a team that need an X-factor to positively impact their stakeholders business performance
  • Want to establish a new measure of credibility in their business

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