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AMCO Score

An overall measure of an individual’s fit to a profile.

The AMCO Score is your way to quickly identify the fit of an individual for a role or function within an organisation. Using this single metric, large talent pools can be quickly and effectively filtered to reveal those most suited to a job, based on their Ability Imprint and your Profile. Use it to focus your time and energy on only those who have what it takes ad stop wasting time interviewing candidates that aren’t a good fit.

List of candidates with AMCO Scores

How is it Calculated?

The algorithm used to determine the AMCO Score takes into consideration the individual’s scores on the capabilities defined in a Profile as well a measure of general IQ. The formula was developed by Co-Founder Kevin Chandler.

Want Deeper Insights?

While The AMCO Score is useful on its own, deeper insights about an individual’s suitability for a job are accessible via the Fit Report. This report contains their rating across each of the capabilities as defined in the Profile as well as expected behaviours for each.

Benefits of AbilityMap’s AMCO Score


Gives businesses a way to objectively determine the traits for individual success for any role


Built on AbilityMap's scientifically developed Capability Framework


Generates a report outlining high performance behaviours expected for each of the identified success capabilities

AbilityMap’s job profile tool is an effective and robust way for me to help hiring managers to pinpoint the capabilities they need. Going through the process gets customer buy-in and changes the whole recruitment conversation in a meaningful way.


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