The Future Of Leadership In Work In The Digital Age

An abundance of literature exists on leadership in work, but as the metaphorical ink dries the organisational landscape continues to shift. Different kinds of leadership are needed in different times and newly emerging disruptive technologies complicate matters further. Are certain leadership qualities universal or do the next generation of leaders need to adopt an entirely new set of capabilities in the digital age?

The Situation

We have recently had the opportunity to work alongside an organisation that has assembled a cohort of thirty-five Australian women executives. Their theme: ‘leadership in the future of work’. The delegation will be touring San Francisco and Silicon Valley to meet with some of the globe’s top companies to study the variables and permutations that define leadership in the future of work. AbilityMap has also partnered with Dr Marcus Bowles, a prominent Australian academic and researcher who remains at the forefront of research into leadership in the digital economy and whose work is embedded in our very system. Our aim is to give them a quantitative tool to record their perhaps evolving impressions.

The Solution

Using our Job Profiler, each individual was asked to identify the capabilities they thought would define the future of leadership in work. Thirty-five Australian women executives, thirty-five different profiles; unfortunately they can’t all be right. We’ve aggregated the profiles to show what, as a collective, they believe are the strongest common abilities. The process will be completed again once the group has returned from their search for knowledge and insight to identify what they can bring back to benefit their companies and Australia as we rapidly transition to a new work environment.
Thirty-five of Australia’s top women executives, thirty-five different views on what drives leadership in the future of work; unfortunately they can’t all be right.

The SUccess

Quite simply, we don’t know! Only time will reveal the future of leadership in work. What we are excited to do, however, is compare the profiles of one of the leading researchers in Asia Pacific with the views of thirty-five of Australia’s finest executives before and after their trip. They were also invited to complete an Ability Imprint to reveal just how closely the capabilities of this top group reflect what they and evidence-backed research shows as the global requirements for leadership in the future of work in a digital economy. We think we’ll find new insights, some uniquely Australian, mate.

Resources Used

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