Glossary of Terms

Ability Imprint
A User’s raw and normed Scores on:

  • The Competencies
  • The Personality Scales
  • The Verbal, Numerical and Problem-solving tests
  • Any other data entered by the User during registration and testing (e.g. industry, job-seeking status etc)
A user invited by a company to complete an Imprint for a Job Order.
Those Applicants whose Ability Imprint ranks them as being suitable for a given role.
The Ability Map system utilises a core set of competencies; behaviours, attitudes, personality traits, skills and knowledge to frame the Ability Imprint and ultimately rank candidates.
Competency Ranking
A summary textual description of a User’s performance on a Competency derived using the following classification:

  • Highly Competent – Normed score of 80 to 100
  • Competent – Normed Score of 60 to 79
  • Marginal – Normed Score of 50 to 59
  • Low – Normed Score of 0 to 49 = “Low”
Competency Score
A user’s normed score out of 100 for a Competency.
Imprint Feedback Report
A report issued to a user after completing the Ability Imprint. The report contains the name, competency and descriptor of the 8 competencies on which the User achieved the highest Normed Scores.
IQ Imprint
A User’s test score on the Verbal, Numerical and Problem-solving sections of the Ability Imprint.
Job Fit Score
A Normed Score ranging from 0 to 100 that indicates the overall level of fit between a User’s Imprint and a Job Profile.
Job Profile
The list of competencies (usually 8), identified as being critical for high performance for a specific role.
Personality Questions
An untimed section of the Ability Imprint that asks users to respond to a set of 164 questions.
Personality Scales
A 5 level range for each of the traits measured through the Personality Questions.