Golfing Neuro-Mechanics Extended Feedback Call

After completing your Ability Imprint and receiving your Elite Golfer Report, you are welcome to book a time for an extended feedback call with our Specialist Golf Partner. It may be useful to involve your coach in this 1hr feedback session.

Further discussion with our Golf specialist is $249 per hour and includes specific behavioural analysis and remedial advice with the session focussed on developing a plan to address areas identified in the Elite Golfer report.

Once you have paid for a session, our specialist golf partner will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

Golf Extended Follow-up Session
  • Extended follow up session focussing on the development of an ongoing plan to address the key issues identified from the Elite Golfer Evaluation
  • Includes specific behavioural analysis and remedial advice
  • The sessions are managed by our Specialist Golf Partner with timing to be agreed
AU$24.90 (tax)
Total: AU$273.90