Golfing Neuro-Mechanics Imprint & Coaching Call

Complete your Ability Imprint today and instantly received a detailed report outlining your top strengths. 

This report has been designed for all who complete AbilityMap to showcase your personal strengths in general. This is followed in due course by your Elite Golfer Report which is a great tool for you and your coach to help you play to your strengths whilst identifying which areas need improvement. It compares your results on 8 key competencies with the Profile developed by some of our best high-performance coaches.

Once you have reviewed the Elite Golfer Report, you will be contacted to organise a suitable time to talk through your results and get guidance on specific ways to address your weaknesses for better performance.

Please note: Completing the Ability Imprint takes about 45 minutes and is designed to be challenging. Getting the best result requires concentration, being well-rested and not disturbed. The assessment MUST be completed on a computer or tablet (smart phones will not work due to lack of screen-estate).

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