Ignorance of High Performance Drives Poor Hiring Decisions – Shortlist

Ignorance of high performance drives poor hiring decisions

Research measuring the competencies of high performers reveals that with hindsight, hiring managers regret one-third of their recruiting decisions, according to assessment expert Kevin Chandler.

Hiring remorse is rife, the AbilityMap co-founder says. “This is across a wide array of different jobs, and none more pertinent than in the recruitment sector.”

His research while working with a colleague to help improve employment prospects for Indigenous youth revealed a broader concern with current recruitment processes. “How do you explain to an employer that you’ve got a quality person? I thought, why don’t we get the employer to ‘competency profile’ what it is they actually want, not just in work but in terms of the underlying qualities, and then we’ll see how our candidates fit against that.”

But when he asked two managers from a company to list the competencies required for the same role, their answers didn’t match. “I think they got two out of the eight in common,” Chandler says. “There was a mismatch between what competencies managers thought their employees needed and the actual competencies required to do the job well.”

Chandler conducted a more in-depth research project to identify the competencies for high performance, beyond traditional qualifications. He and business partner Mike Erlin asked a recruitment company to assess the capabilities of their recruiters against 31 different competencies, then to identify which of those competencies were present in their high performers.

“In this particular company, with their 70-odd recruiters, the top recruiters had billed, in the previous six months, four-times the level of the bottom recruiters.”

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