Job Fit Report

Powerful People Insights for Impact

The Job Fit Report Contains

Capability Ratings

See the individual’s ratings across the 8 capabilities required for high performance defined in the Job Profile.

Behavioural Indicators

View a detailed list of expected workplace behaviours displayed by the individual at the level they rated for each of the 8 capabilities

Interview Questions

A list of capability-specific interview questions, providing you with a framework for conducting consistent interviews when hiring or reviewing employee performance.

Benefits of the Job Fit Report

Talent Acquisition

Better understand the candidate's strengths and development needs in the role
Interview questions tailored to the candidates capability ratings
A tangible document to support your referral of a candidate for a job
Provides a basis for feedback of unsuccessful applicants
Understand how a candidate will behave in a business context before hire
In combination with the Human Capability Balance Sheet, compare to other candidates or how well they would fit in with your existing team

Talent Management

Identifies areas for individual training and development
Provides a basis for employee evaluation
Gives you a greater understanding of an employee's workplace behaviour
Informs career pathing decision-making