Matching Engine

The Matching Engine is the core of the AbilityMap software, using proprietary algorithms to match Job Profiles against individual Ability Imprints. The Matching Engine streamlines traditional talent evaluation processes and offers valuable & unique insights for talent acquisition, capability development & internal mobility purposes.

Candidate Ranking

The Matching Engine ranks individuals in order of best fit for the job role enabling you to focus on just what you need:  candidates that are best-suited to the role or team members most in need of capability development & support to improve.

AMCO Score

Score out of 100 that indicates how well an individual is suited to a specific job or role within your business.

Job Fit Report

The Job Fit report provides deeper insight into a person’s inherent level of capability in relation to the performance capabilities detailed in a Profile.  

Capability Balance Sheet

Compare teams and or individuals and identify strengths or gaps across all 31 competencies with the Capability Balance Sheet function. Data-driven Capability Insight at scale!