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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat: The future impact of AI in hiring and human capital management

3Sixty Insights

In this episode of 3Sixty Insights, we went down the rabbit hole to ponder the future impact of artificial intelligence in hiring and human capital management generally. It’s of paramount importance and urgent, we agreed, that humans develop and apply the soundest psychometrics possible to the evaluation and hiring of people, lest AI eventually apply its own and, possibly, prioritise profits and cost containment in ways our imagination can barely fathom. AI-driven criteria for hiring certainly wouldn’t necessarily be ethical or value the human purpose in work, but a human-driven psychometrics model just might. And, in veering into these topics, Mike and Brent talk about whether civilisation just might be putting too much faith, proverbially and literally, in AI.

The #HRTechChat Series is available as a podcast on the following platforms:

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Mike Erlin

Mike Erlin, based in Sydney and a native San Franciscan, is an experienced technology executive across education & industry across North America & Asia Pacific. He’s built and led high performing teams for some of the globe’s most innovative and successful human capital technology companies. Prior to AbilityMap, Mike led Cornerstone OnDemand’s (CSOD) ANZ business for the Enterprise & Mid-market/SMB solutions.

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