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The Raise: How AbilityMap secured investors to back their early-stage startup

The Raise

AbilityMap’s Co-Founder, Mike Erlin was recently interviewed by My-Linh Dang for The Raise podcast. The Raise is a Top 20 podcast in Australia and Top 50 internationally. Mike shared his story about founding co-Founding AbilityMap, the problem that AbilityMap is solving using its science-driven solution, how Mike and Kevin met, and our journey raising capital for the business to change the way companies find the right talent for the business. 

The interview is available wherever you get your favourite podcasts including Spotify, Google podcasts and Apple. Please subscribe to the show while you’re there – it will help others find it. 

<a href="https://abilitymap.com/author/merlin/" target="_self">Mike Erlin</a>

Mike Erlin

Mike Erlin, based in Sydney and a native San Franciscan, is an experienced technology executive across education & industry across North America & Asia Pacific. He’s built and led high performing teams for some of the globe’s most innovative and successful human capital technology companies. Prior to AbilityMap, Mike led Cornerstone OnDemand’s (CSOD) ANZ business for the Enterprise & Mid-market/SMB solutions.

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