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The objective proof you NEED to increase your fill rate.

Most recruiters believe weak fill rates are due to a lack of suitable candidates or difficult clients. In reality, it’s because the evidence backing the candidate wasn’t sufficient to drive a fast client decision in your favour.

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A familiar scenario…

You take a client brief, receive a JD, select 3+ candidates and submit the short-list consideration. Unfortunately, the client sits back, folds their arms, discounts the advice of an experienced consultant and rejects them.

The real problem to getting a fast decision?  The hiring criteria you set with your client cannot be satisfied by the short-list brief you submitted. You do not have quantitative evidence to objectively support those recommendations.

Introducing the AbilityMap Capability Balance Sheet & Job Fit Report

To remove subjective interpretation you must provide objective, quantitative evidence that proves the candidate’s level of fit against the client’s committed hiring criteria. Only when this is delivered can you hold your client to account and decision.

The Capability Balance Sheet quickly identifies how well long-list candidates compare to your client’s Profile criteria and to each other.

Quickly, short-list candidates standout based on their inherent fit to your client’s requirements.

Your client Brief will include AbilityMap Job Fit Reports for each of your recommended candidates, providing your clients the objective proof that you are meeting their committed requirements.

The result? Better evidence driving faster decisions in your favour.

What’s in the Job Fit Report?

Capability Ratings

See the individual’s ratings across the 8 capabilities required for high performance defined in the Job Profile.
Green Personality Scales Icons

Behavioural Indicators

View a detailed list of expected workplace behaviours displayed by the individual at the level they rated for each of the 8 capabilities

Interview Questions

A list of capability-specific interview questions, providing you with a framework for conducting consistent interviews when hiring or reviewing employee performance.

What our Customers are Saying

AbilityMap dramatically reduces bad hires and has driven improved productivity and performance of my sales team. Now we are applying this to differentiate our value as recruiters to our customers.

Managing Director, Cox Purtell

AbilityMap has let us change the recruitment conversation with our customer and demonstrate our value and difference. I’m becoming known for calling it ‘magic’. It makes us better for our clients and candidates.

General Manager, ERG Recruitment Group

We’ve been using AbilityMap with clients to give them even more information about the person that will be joining their organisation for the long term. As a result, we have better conversations with our clients and our candidates AND have better fill rates. A winner all-round!


Accredited Professional Recruiter

My customer’s board & executive team needed to come to one mind on the critical capabilities needed for a key role – quickly & effectively. The Collaborator Profile made it happen. They got value and noted it. Imprints allowed us to drill deeper into candidate strengths and weakness and present to my customer’s requirements with confidence.

Managing Partner, Boyden

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