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Sprouta, in partnership with AbilityMap invites you and up to 9 other experts of your choice, to participate in defining the human capabilities for peformance in a job (e.g. Project Manager) or function (e.g. Leadership) within your organisation.

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What is a Collaborative Profile?

A Collaborative Profile is where a number of people, your designated ‘experts’, define and rank the capabilties required for success in a specific role or job function.

This is done online using the AbilityMap profiler, which takes participants through a rigorous process to define and rank capabilities. The process takes about 12 minutes to complete.

What you get

After each of your experts has completed the profiling process, you will get 2 important reports in relation to the role:

Profile Report

The capabilities the group views as most critical for the role


Expert Variance Report

The ranked capabilities selected by each individual

Terms and conditions of the offer.

This offer is valid until 31 January 2022 and is available to the first 20 customers.

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