Effective Workforce


Wellness & Productivity within Isolated Environments

3 Week Impact Program

Changing peoples’ work environment has impact on them & your businesses.

Corvid-19 Delta is forcing organisations to action unproven-at-scale programs & solutions at an unprecedented rate.  This global-event introduces business risk and, future opportunities.

 Identifying and managing risk to Employee Wellbeing & Business Productivity within this transition period is the immediate priority.  

At the start of Covid-impact in 2020, our scientists set their attention to the ‘human’ capabilities necessary to effectively operate in wellness and productivity within an isolated environment.  The result:  AbilityMap’s Remote Work Effectiveness Profile.

 AbilityMap clients who have already Imprinted their employees have immediate & scalable insight into their workforce’s inherent level of readiness to be well & productive in this new environment. 

The resulting AbilityMap workforce capability catalogue enables quantitative identification of groups and individuals who may experience the most difficulty maintaining wellness or productivity within the transition to and ongoing operation in an remote work environment.  

The Effective Workforce Transition Program delivers these insights, enabling HR to quickly identify fit-for-individual & purpose development & support interventions optimising employee wellness and productivity in this new environment…and if making a new hire decision, to make a more informed decision.

Program Components


A reliable online evaluation of each team member’s – or candidate’s, inherent level of capability to a framework broadly defining all the ‘human’ things done in the work environment.

Guess What?  Each team member will find out their strongest inherent capabilities & your business will now have visibility into a capability catalogue of your workforce and candidates.


Workforce Isolation Profile

AbilityMap-experts identified eight capabilities as critical for effective wellness and productivity within a Remote Work environment.   

 Know What?  Doing these well in this new environment is important to an individual’s wellness and your business’ productivity.


Team Capability Balance Sheet

Objectively identify your team’s inherent level of capability to those required for performance in a remote environment and use that to prioritise high-impact development interventions.

AbilityMap aggregates the Imprints for the team, identifying the strongest inherent capabilities that exist in relation to remote work effectiveness…the strengths & gaps you are working to leverage & uplift.

How’s that compare?  Your business probably doesn’t have what you need for your team to work remotely.

Individual Fit Report

Individual Fit Reports are available to identify inherent capability gaps to tailor high-impact capability uplift interventions with resulting high ROI.

Guess What?  Your team members will appreciate the ‘personalised’ touch and, if you are making a new hiring decision, why not use objective data to identify the candidates that dig doing what you need delivered by your critical hire?

Graphic below refers to the AbilityMap Capability Framework

A designation of ‘1’ indicates it has been selected (or defined) as the most critical competency for performance in the target job or role.

So what? Filtering applicant Imprints using the High Performer Job Profile means you quickly find, consider and if applicable, spend time those with what you Need. Also, pointing training, development and performance resource to these areas develops your team’s skills …in the areas you Need.

Four Simple Steps

Choose a High Impact Role

Week 0

One whose success or failure makes or breaks your year.

Collect contact details for Leaders and team members of the role.

Invite Particpants

Weeks 1

AbilityMap Invitations extended to Leaders and Individuals.

Updates provided as Individuals complete Job Profiles and Imprints.

Deliverables Produced

Week 2

Expert, Collaborator, Team & High Performer Profiles created by AbilityMap’s team.  Supporting data and analysis are conducted and incorporated into the WHN Program Results.

WHN Findings

Week 3

Executive Leadership and AbilityMap meet to review the WHN Program Results.

Investment Schedule

Ability Imprints


Expert Job Profiles


$750 ea

(minimum 10)

Collaborator Job Profiles


$3750 ea

(up to 50 experts)

Team Profiles


$3,750 ea


High Performer Profiles


$3,750 ea

Team Capability Balance Sheet

$5,000 each


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