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Apprento – Identify High-Performing Sales Talent

Apprento are leading the way in identifying high-performance sales talent from non-traditional talent pools, developing their sales skills and then successfully placing them, with the help of AbilityMap’s technology.  

The Science of HR explained.

In this introductory webinar series on The Science of HR, journalist and technologist Jonathan Englert interviews Kevin Chandler about what led him to make his breakthroughs into the study of detecting productivity features in potential and existing employees, and the transformative effect this can have on the bottom line of almost any organisation from restaurants to engineering firms.

Does the C-Suite value HR Leaders?

This AbilityMap webinar brings together a distinguished panel of C-Suite representatives Cameron Judson, Ignite; Patrick Tuttle, Azora Finance; Cherie Mylordis, Nextgenify; and Helen Hovenga, Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games to discuss this critical and timely question.
Watch the recording to hear these Executives share what they really think about HR Leaders owning a seat at the table.

Owning a Seat at the table. A supercharged webinar for HR Professionals.

AbilityMap and guest Paul Swain, of Ultimate People, discuss actionable insights for HR Leaders to consider for owning their seat at the executive table.

“You own your seat at the table when you can show you understand what the business needs.”

Watch now to hear these insights or read more in the Q&A with Paul Swain.

Research Revealed. Decoding the HR Professional of the Future.

Join AbilityMap’s experienced HR Practitioner, Vanessa Goryl and HR insight specialist Alexandra Khan for an informative look into the critical insights from AbilityLab’s latest research into the HR Professional of the future. Khan will quiz Goryl on specific capabilities, actionable insights, and what that means for different individuals and organisations.

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