Align Management Capability & Drive Team Performance

The Capabilities You Want, Have & Need in your Leaders

4 Week Impact Program

Businesses know performance requires a nimble & responsive organisation and that the Leaders play a critical role in that happening.   

Forward-looking ones know productivity is not what it should be, that it remains untapped and therefore focus on developing Leader capabilities.

Investment in human capital technologies for acquisition, development and performance management isn’t lacking – it’s a significant portion of budget. Senior Executives buy-in to developing management and leadership capabilities, yet often question program effectiveness and return on investment. 

Why is business productivity not increasing? 

AbilityMap was founded the day we answered this question. 

Our purpose is to quantifiably prove why it is happening.

  The WANT | HAVE | NEED Program shows how to fix it. 

It’s Simple, but not too Simple

Expert Job Profile


Senior Executives and Management use AbilityMap to create an Expert Job Profile that defines the human-skill capabilities they believe are required for high performance in a critical Leader role.

Guess What?  They’ll be different.


Collaborator Job Profile


AbilityMap aggregates the Expert Job Profiles, identifying the strongest common capabilities the group believes drive performance in the role. 

Know What?  They’ll like the looks of it.

Team Profile


Any number of people currently in the role are invited to create a confidential Imprint. It establishes their level of capability across the same framework used by the Experts to define what they think is required for success.

AbilityMap aggregates the Imprints for the team, identifying the strongest common capabilities that exist within it.

How’s that compare?  It’s not what the business has been looking for.

High Performer Profile


Imprints of individuals designated as ‘Definite Rehires‘ are used to create a High-Performer Job Profile.  You Need more of these human-skill capabilities in your Leadership team.

Guess What?  They are different than the ones your Leaders Want & Have today.

Graphic below illustrates the variability that exists between (i) the capabilities that individual managers and groups of managers think drive performance in a role and (ii) the actual capabilities that exist in the current team and a selected group of high performers operating in the role. 

A designation of ‘1’ indicates it has been selected (or defined) as the most critical competency for performance in the target job or role.

So what? This exercise identifies the capabilities managers WANT do not align with those they HAVE in their current team nor those they NEED as held inherently by their high-performers.  We have found this to be commonplace across all businesses.  However, without AbilityMap’s underlying technology to quantifiably define these previously undefinable insights, they have remained unknown and therefore un-actioned.

A Solution in Four Simple Steps

Choose High Impact Role


One whose success or failure makes or breaks your year.

Collect contact details for participants & introduce the program.

Invite Particpants

Weeks 1 & 2

AbilityMap Invitations extended to participants.

Updates provided as Profiles and Imprints are completed.

Deliverables Produced

Week 3

Expert, Collaborator, Team & High Performer Profiles are produced by AbilityMap’s team. 

Analysis is conducted and incorporated into the WHN Program Results.

WHN Findings

Week 4

Executive Leadership and AbilityMap meet to review the WHN Program Results.

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