Your best people are already on the bus

Your Best People Are Already On The Bus

October 2018

‘We do not accept the premise that there is a talent shortage. The best ones are already in the business. Industry just needs to get a whole lot better and more objective at determining what drives performance in each role. With that answer, a whole new world in people performance opens itself up. It super-charges your talent management programs.’

As leaders across a $1B company, innovative start-ups, global technology companies or must-win turn-arounds, we’ve always tried to simplify complex concepts to help our teams understand which goals are desirable, and which are achievable.

As co-founders of AbilityMap, our goal was to leverage our experience in recruitment, management consulting and human capital technologies to improve human productivity and satisfaction. What we found was people remain complex, increased productivity continues to be desirable and how to optimise both endures as a complex, challenging concept. However simply stated, the desirable and achievable goal is enabling and/or finding more people capable of doing what works in a job within the culture of a specific business. They key is knowing what actually works.

An Executive-view of the long term HR strategy can be reduced to a simplistic statement such as: “We need to produce the same goods and services with less staff, or we need to produce more with the same staff.” So, how does HR contribute to this?

Typically, HR professionals analyse the output per head or profit per head required to meet each companies’ financial targets. They effect change for their people through quality learning and development, progressive performance management and engagement and retention programs. They then find new talent through succession and recruitment, by using the latest technologies. However, despite all of this effort, the results continue to fall short of business expectations and stops the CHRO functioning as a peer and valued partner within the business.

Humans vary greatly in their performance within the same role. A substantial amount of research shows variability between the top and bottom third of up to 80% of salary cost or 40% of output. Add to this variability that recruitment outcomes today are not significantly better than one or two decades ago. We still have a sizeable percentage of the workforce underperforming.

By Mike Erlin

By Mike Erlin

Co-Founder & CEO

By Kevin Chandler

By Kevin Chandler

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer