Our Bright Future Program

Helping the youth of Western Sydney with long-term career success. 

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About the program

Our Bright Future will equip the students of Western Sydney with the knowledge they need to make more informed education choices and better career decisions.  AbilityMap’s tool will define a student’s inherent capabilities and compare them to the needs and priorities of the business community.

Why are we doing this?

In 2020, the Future of Learning is undergoing a seismic shift driven largely by Industry 4.0 and accelerated by COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, the youth of Australia need support and guidance to succeed in an increasingly digital world and develop the critical capabilities that will be required by businesses in the future.

Governments should consider reforms to make the education system a more efficient, competitive market, driven by the informed choices of students and employers, with the flexibility to deliver a broad suite of education options.

Productivity Commission Annual Report 2020-2021

Where do you come in?

We’re inviting businesses to participate in the Our Bright Future program by completing a ten minute online survey to share insight on their organisation’s unique future workforce capability needs.

Why should you get involved?

A chance to give back

Doing good feels good. Support your local community and economy by helping to prepare the next generation for career success.

Plugging talent gaps

Australia is facing a major skills shortage. If we can empower the young people in our region to develop the most critical and in-demand capabilities, your business will ultimately gain access to a top-quality talent pool.

Free AbilityMap profile

In return for you sharing your expertise, we’ll produce your unique AbilityMap profile to help your team recruit, develop and progress top talent.

How does the program work?

Step 1: Define

Crowdsource business needs

Employers are being invited to complete a short survey in which they define their future workforce capability requirements. Our tool evaluates and aggregates all responses to create a definitive capability profile.

Step 2: Compare

How do the students compare to future business needs?

Students complete our 45-minute online evaluation to discover their strongest inherent capabilities. The unique capability catalogue of each student are aggregated and reviewed alongside the needs expressed by participating businesses to identify areas of strength and gap that are present today.

Step 3: Act

Develop action plans for the students

Our education partner works closely with the schools to develop high-impact, personalised skill-development plans to uplift needed capabilities.  These are informed by both the students’ inherent capabilities and the future needs of participating employers – as defined by you.

Got a spare 10 minutes?

If you’re an employer, we’d love to hear from you.

Sharing the critical capabilities your organisation needs in the future will help the kids and help you.