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We believe knowing what success looks like is the first step toward making impactful people decisions.

AbilityMap’s inbuilt profile tool allows you to accurately define the set of capabilities required for success in different roles or functions within your organisation. 

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How it Works

Using AbilityMap, a new Profile can be created in a number of ways:

Expert Profile

Someone who knows the role well (a Line Manager or Hiring Manager) selects the capabilities they believe drive performance. Then, a rigorous prioritisation process ranks those capabilities in order of importance. The process takes 10-15 minutes.

Collaborative Profile

A group of people who know the role well each select the capabilities they believe drive performance. Through combining the views of these experts, you end up with a ranked list of capabilities.

High Performer Profile

A group of employees who consistently perform within the role complete their Ability Imprints. Compiling this data, AbilityMap identifies the strongest, common capabilities across the group and priority ranks them.

Benefits of AbilityMap’s Profile Tool


Gives businesses a way to objectively determine the traits for individual success for any role


Built on AbilityMap's scientifically developed Capability Framework


Generates a report outlining high performance behaviours expected for each of the identified success capabilities

AbilityMap’s job profile tool is an effective and robust way for me to help hiring managers to pinpoint the capabilities they need. Going through the process gets customer buy-in and changes the whole recruitment conversation in a meaningful way.


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