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Capability Framework

Every job can be described in terms of key human capabilities. By applying our scientifically-developed Capability Framework, your organisation can easily identify candidates’ core capabilities. Ensure best-fit hires, reduce employee turnover, and boost team morale.
Capability Framework
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About Capabilities

A capability is an attribute, knowledge, ability or other characteristic that contributes to a person’s ability to perform a skill.

Human capabilities are personal attributes that predict ‘soft skills’ (e.g., teamwork, cooperation or communication). Capabilities are either cognitive or behavioural.

Across the world, businesses and governments have established different capability names, numbers and descriptions to serve as a common language for what people need to do in different functions such as managing our jobs, our homes, or our lives in general.

How it Works

AbilityMap’s Capability Framework describes the 31 human capabilities which form the default framework of our system. They fall into 8 groups that cover the human skills people need to be successful at work and achieve an organisation’s strategic objectives.

AbilityMap has leveraged the Australian government’s capability grouping and associated research. Our system is able to match best-fit candidates to a wide spectrum of roles, from IT support technician to insurance sales representative to construction site manager.

In this way, our capability framework takes the guesswork out of recruitment and enables organisations to avoid costly hiring mistakes. It can also be used to identify untapped potential from within an organisation’s existing human talent pool.


Planning & Organising


Managing People

Team Work

Initiative & Enterprise

Problem Solving


The Importance of Capabilities for Business Performance

Capabilities are critical in the evaluation of individuals and teams
They provide a simple way to describe what people need at work

They are effective at specifying the capabilities required for different roles or functions


Capability insights identify where human capital investment is needed and how to optimise its return.

The secret to increasing productivity and employee satisfaction is understanding the human capabilities that enable someone to be successful. To find out how to do that, give us a call.
“Like many large organisations, Federal and State governments have developed unique Capability Frameworks to evaluate candidates and their workforces. AbilityMap’s innovative platform enables me to evaluate and present executive candidates against these frameworks and in the language my customers speak.”
Nick Chandler

Chandler Executive Consulting

Questions about the AbilityMap Capability Framework

Achieve workforce and team goals with AbilityMap's capability framework

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