Ability Imprint

AbilityMap’s Capability Assessment

The Ability Imprint reliably evaluates individuals across our scientifically developed Capability Framework.  It is the input for a company to objectively identify capability drivers for a given job and the source of match-and-fit comparison of an individual to any Profile.

How it works

An Ability Imprint is produced when a person completes a simple, four-part 45 minute online evaluation.  This results in a catalogue of an individual’s inherent level of capability across a framework of human skills that are applicable to work.


Interpret written content quickly and accurately.


Interpret numerical content quickly and accurately.

Problem Solving

Interpret unfamiliar environments accurately and identify solutions.


Identify inherent behavioural preferences.

Helping people play to their strengths

Individuals that accept your invitation to complete an Imprint are sent a feedback report detailing their top capabilities across the AbilityMap Capability Framework, even if they’re not suitable for that particular role. For Job Seekers, this report is a highly useful addition to their CV.  It’s just one of many ways AbilityMap helps you differentiate your business.

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Questions about the Ability Imprint

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