Ability Imprint

This component reliably evaluates any individual across the AbilityMap 31-point Competency Framework. It is the input for a company to objectively identify competency drivers for a given job and the source of match-and-fit comparison of an Individual to any Job Profile.

The Process

The Ability Imprint is created by individuals completing an online, four-part evaluation. It uses proprietary science and technology derived from over forty years of the founders’ experience and is backed by the latest psychometric, human behaviour and performance research, producing a highly valid result that is applied reliably, and at scale.



Problem Solving

Personality Scales

A Clear Picture

When individuals accept your invitation to submit an Imprint, you will see the AMCO Score out of 100. Further insight into their suitability for a role can be gained from the Job Fit Report, which shows their rating across each of the AbilityMap competencies identified as being required for the job. These are accompanied by a list of expected behaviours displayed at that performance level.

Breaking the Mold

Individuals that accept your invitation to complete an Imprint are sent a feedback report detailing their top competencies across the AbilityMap Competency Framework, even if they’re not suitable for that particular role. It’s important to note, the AMCO (Job Fit) score is not shared with the individual unless you choose to share it with them. It’s just one way that AbilityMap helps you differentiate your business.

Data Ownership
Using AbilityMap, the individual retains ownership of all data relating to their Ability Imprint and have to give express permission for your business to access that data. This means that you have no liability when it comes to ensuring the privacy and security of users’ data. That’s our domain.