“AbilityMap lets you see your human assets through different

multi-dimensional lenses.”  Amanda, Chief People Officer

No more Guesswork.

AbilityMap’s four-step online evaluation process maps each team member’s capabilities, charting their suitability for any role or environment against a variety of relevant criteria. The powerful software identifies the specific skill sets driving the desired behaviour and performance within your business, reconciling the gap between what managers think drives success and the actual capabilities displayed by top achievers.

Rigorous. Reliable. Repeatable.

AbilityMap provides a clear, scientific understanding of your organisation’s human resources strengths and development needs. It provides insights that optimise your strategies to reinvigorate your business by nourishing or recruiting crucial talent as well as enhancing the resilience and effectiveness of both teams and individual performers.

Case Studies

Do You (Really) Understand What You Want, Have & Need?

What capabilities does your company want, what capabilities does your company have and what capabilities does your company need? And what if the basic principles that underpin an organisation’s workforce planning are not fully understood, or worse, wrong?

The Future of Leadership in Work in the Digital Age

Are certain leadership qualities universal or do the next generation of leaders need to adopt an entirely new set of capabilities in the digital age? We set out to find the answer…

AbilityMap Early Adopter Raises $20M in First Round of Capital

From our first MVP to our upcoming third product major release, they have used our tools across all their roles with incredible success, particularly in recruitment.

Giving Long-Term Mature Workers a New Era of Employment

AbilityMap helped unearth a lifetime of skills and inherent capabilities to help long-term mature workers back to work (with some surprising results)…

Recent Articles

A new way to convince top talent to stay

A new way to convince top talent to stay

In this hyper-competitive environment where high attrition threatens to become the norm, it’s clear that companies need a new way to not only convince, but to partner with their top talent to stay. 

Passed on a rock star hire?

Passed on a rock star hire?

Picture this. You’ve whittled your candidate shortlist for a key role to two contenders: Ranjit and Sally. They have near-identical academic histories, similar levels of experience, and both sailed through the interview process with flying colours … but you can only...

Five more skills that drive remote work effectiveness

Five more skills that drive remote work effectiveness

A mounting pile of evidence is pointing to the fact that workers – empowered by an unprecedented skills shortage – will insist that remote work is here to stay. So how do you ensure your team is set up for remote-work success?

Improving hiring and training ROI for your teams

Improving hiring and training ROI for your teams

You’ve pinpointed the capabilities that define your top salespeople and gathered data to help you make the right decisions when investing in sales team training and recruitment. But what does this mean in terms of bottom-line impact? What sort of ROI can next-generation HR tech create for your business?