Human Capabilities you Want, Have & Need

Identifying what drives high performance requires accurate insights. With these, you can develop & find the right talent. With the right talent, productivity happens.

“The thing we’ve got to keep in mind is that Performance is a function of two things – the Individual and the Environment they’re working in”
– Kevin Chandler, Co-founder of AbilityMap

The Magic Starts Here…

Every job in every company is unique. If you haven’t identified the actual competencies required for high performance in a specific role, how do you expect to develop or find anyone to do it well? You need a quality blueprint.

Using best-practice behavioural capability modelling & science, the AbilityMap Job Profiler delivers quantitative evidence identifying what capabilities drive success in a role.

“The root cause is that we can’t convey perfect information about our own skills…”
Laszlo Bock – prior SVP People Operations, Google

Find What Your People Are Good At

What are your people good at and where are they lacking? What jobs would suit them and what areas can they improve? See your employees and candidates unique mix of competencies on the same framework as the Job Profile. A person’s Ability Imprint lets you determine if they have what you’re looking for.

As part of the process, individuals receive detailed feedback on their inherent strengths as a reward for completing the online evaluation.

“We don’t believe there’s a talent shortage. Companies just need to get a whole lot better at identifying how well people suit the role and what support they will need to be successful.”
Mike Erlin & Kevin Chandler, Co-Founders

A Match Made in Science

AbilityMap minimises the subjectivity and bias inherent in decisions about people.

Our Matching Engine compares people to jobs and jobs to people, producing the AbilityMap Compatibility (AMCO) Score, which ranks people most suitable and with the right mix of skills to deliver success in a job.

Reports provide detailed comparison and expected behaviours for different capabilities within the role. Behavioural interview questions assist managers to explore developmental and hiring opportunities.


Drive Performance and Earnings Per Person

Human Capability Balance Sheet

Map capabilities required to achieve your business plan and identify current workforce gaps.

Bench Strength

Identify people for lateral, vertical and external progression. Build high performing teams with people who have the skills you need.

Workforce Capability

Optimise investment on learning and development by closing priority capability gaps.

Employer of Choice

Differentiate your brand by demonstrating your commitment to a candidate’s success… and take out a lot of cost by disrupting a broken process.

"The HR function has been at a longterm disadvantage because it hasn't had the tools to effectively align to the needs of business. AbilityMap provides the equivalent of a Salesforce dashboard, enabling the people function to drive productivity."

Mike Erlin & Kevin Chandler, Co-Founders

"AbilityMap dramatically reduces bad hires and has driven improved productivity and performance of my sales team. Now we are applying this to differentiate our value as recruiters to our customers."

James Purtell -
Managing Director, Cox Purtell

AbilityMap empowers companies to;

Find what actually drives high performance with accurate insights

Understand what your people are really good at

Avoid bad hires by getting the right people in the right jobs

Optimise L&D spend

Create an objectively diverse and qualified talent pool