Unlock Human Performance.

Learn how our next-generation human assessment technology can help you build stronger workforces with higher performing and happier people.  

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Get more high performers.

Knowing the human capabilities your people actually need in different jobs and environments is critical to high impact hiring, development and internal mobility people decisions.

Understanding your team members’ talents and gaps then gives you the insight to motivate, engage, retain and progress them within your business for high performance. 

The AbilityMap Solution

Next-Gen Workforce Planning & Performance Analytics

The AbilityMap Solution

Next-Gen Workforce Planning & Performance Analytics

Recruit best-fit candidates, every time.

The secret to making good hiring decisions starts by first answering the million-dollar question – what are you looking for? AbilityMap enables you to define the actual capabilities required for success in any role within your unique environment. From there, finding the best-fit candidates is easy.

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Personalised evidence for data-driven talent development.

AbilityMap highlights your team’s strengths and gaps, delivering evidence for high-impact capability uplift and ROI. 

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Guide your people and strengthen the business.

AbilityMap enables you to guide your people’s career progression by identifying other roles within your business where they would succeed and enjoy doing so. 

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Identify and develop your high-potential talent.

Quickly find those people with inherent capability to step up into that critical role and deliver. 

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Pinpoint the capabilities your business needs

AbilityMap allows me to partner with business customers in a way I haven’t been able to before. I can quickly help hiring managers pinpoint the capabilities they need and deliver strong candidates that match.


Talent Acquisition Manager, Angus Knight Group

Shape future culture

Our global strategy changed, requiring increased customer focus and centricity. Using AbilityMap, we identified the capabilities needed to support this shift and measured our workforce against these to identify priority areas for hiring and development.


Chief Financial Officer, NEP Group Australia

Know what your customer needs

AbilityMap dramatically reduces bad hires and has driven productivity and performance of my sales team. Now we are applying this to differentiate our value as recruiters to our customers.


Managing Director, Cox Purtell

Tap into hidden high potential

AbilityMap helped us find people with natural sales skills who may have never considered sales as a career. It’s differentiated our value to customers and serves a key part of our business solution.


Co-Founder & CEO, Apprento

Why this human resource science makes people think its magic

What would happen if you were never disappointed by a hire again? If you had Tech that could flow certainty through your entire business – Magic?

Speedometer and question marks

Quickfire Q&A with Mike Erlin: CEO and CoFounder of AbilityMap

Mike shares the origins of AbilityMap and what is Next-generation human assessment technology. We’re defining what humans need in a unique company environment.

Can technology fix human resources biggest challenge: employee expectations?

Expectations of work and employment have radically changed and there are no easy fixes to address these changes. Can technology help?

Variable Performance

Challenged by variable performance? 3 areas technology can help.

Variable performance is a tough one, because its causes can seem elusive. How can technology help identify areas to solve this problem.

To unlock human performance, you need to understand the environment 

We unlock an efficient and cost-effective way to assess and define the priority of capabilities within a role, function or environment.