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Building powerful teams, starting with your people.

AbilityMap gives you confidence in your hiring decisions by backing them with science. Our goal is to identify what your business needs and find the people with the ability to make it happen.


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Our vision

At AbilityMap, our mission is to empower organisations with data-driven insights to unlock the full potential of their workforce and create a brighter, more capable future for all.

Message from our CEO

“AbilityMap was founded with a clear goal: map human capabilities to unique business needs. We believe this alignment leads to better performance and job satisfaction, so benefits businesses and individuals. Using science and technology, we’re dedicated to creating a world where talent is acknowledged, diversity is embraced and opportunities are made possible. We want to empower individuals and businesses to leverage their strengths in pursuit of shared goals.”

Mike Erlin, CEO

Our Values

Operate with Integrity:
We do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.

Do the Job Right:
We set the foundation to build productive, motivated teams.

Work as a Team:
We lean on each other’s strengths, and help you find yours.

Have the courage to challenge and be challenged.

We need no reason to respect one another.

AbilityMap connects business goals with the people who can make them happen.

High Performing Companies Rely on AbilityMap

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Our team

Mike Erlin

Mike Erlin

Co-Founder & CEO

Corina Hough

Corina Hough


Vanessa Goryl

Vanessa Goryl


Kevin Chandler

Kevin Chandler

Co-Founder & Science

Giles Solomon

Giles Solomon


Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill


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