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The AbilityMap Profile and Imprint are the key data inputs to attain critical workforce performance insights. The platform’s analytics deliver a number of powerful reports, metrics and visualisations to make more informed people decisions.

Workforce Insights

Powered by in-app reports and dashboards.

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Profile Report

The Profile Report sets out a ranked list of capabilities required for success as identified by the Profile Tool. Alongside each capability, behavioural descriptors help managers to understand how these capabilities manifest in the day-to-day conduct of effective individuals.

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Strengths Report

When individuals complete their Ability Imprint, they are provided a report that identifies their top 8 capabilities. This information enables individuals to know how to play to their strengths. For jobseekers, it’s also a powerful resume addition.

Profile Fit Report

AMCO Report

Where the magic happens. The AMCO Report measures an individual against a profile providing a detailed look at how they perform against each of the capabilities identified by the Profile tool.

Profile Fit Report

Collaborator Variance Report

When you create a collaborative profile, any number of experts can contribute to the process. This report details the ranked capabilities selected by each expert as well as the group’s common view.

Development Report

Coming Soon! The Development Report is a more in-depth and comparitive review of an individual. As well as identifying the normed rating of their top 8 capabilities, normed ratings are also provided across each of the 8 Capability Groups. Development interventions are included for their weakest areas.

Profile Fit Report

Career Mobility Report

Coming Soon! Career Mobility paths identify jobs and functions within your businesses where individuals are most suited or require development to be effective. Vertical, lateral and experiential progression paths are available for consideration through these insights.

Profile Fit Report

Human Capability Balance Sheet

The Human Capability Balance Sheet is an analytics dashboard providing a statement of workforce capability position. The objective, is to strengthen the balance sheet year-on-year.

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