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When you hire, do you sometimes feel you don’t know what you’re looking for? We can help. AbilityMap quickly finds what makes someone succeed in your team and let’s you use that knowledge to find top talent.

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Know what you're looking for

Whether you’re recruiting for a leadership role or an entry level position, by understanding your environment first, AbilityMap helps you pinpoint the special mix of skills needed for employees to excel in your business.

Map your candidates

Take advantage of the in-built candidate assessment which measures people across our highly versatile capability framework. Invite as many people as you like, assessments are unlimited on the AbilityMap Hiring Essentials plan.

Hire quickly, with confidence

Reduce time to hire by focusing your energy on candidates who are more likely to succeed. Use the inbuilt reports and dashboards to compare candidates and help you navigate hiring decisions with confidence.

Engage your candidates in a meaningful way

Provide candidates with a better job application experience, even those not chosen to progress.

Help people identify their strengths and set them up for future success

Everyone you invite to get ability mapped is provided with a report outlining their top strengths. Whether they progress through your hiring process or not, helping people understand their strengths so they can play to them in the future will set your organisation apart.

Structured job interviews that drive genuine conversations

Armed with the AMCO job fit report, you’ll be able to improve your interview technique by asking questions aligned with the things that really count. This structured approach creates a level playing field on which to compare candidates in interview.

Show a commitment to improving diversity and reducing bias

Today’s job seekers are looking for organisations that value diversity and belonging. Our tool to helps reduce bias in the hiring process to find top talent irrespective of age, race and gender biases.

Minimise the guesswork to level-up your hiring process.

Making bad hiring decisions can cost your business more than just money. The impact can extend to workplace culture, team morale, not to mention productivity and sales. Reducing the guesswork involved in the hiring process is a powerful way to level-up and help make better hiring decisions.

A versatile framework for jobs and people

At the core of the AbilityMap solution is the single capability framework used to assess both jobs and people. Developed off the back of the Australian skills framework, it gives you a tried and tested foundation for comparison.

Flexibility for organisations great and small

Whether you’re looking to fill an existing position or hiring for a completely new role in your organisation, AbilityMap Smart Hire comes with a number of different ways to help you pinpoint the capabilities required for success.

The power of behavioural psychology, without the price tag

With a set of workplace behaviours mapped to each capability, you can find out what makes your candidates tick and how they might behave in your workplace, before you make the hire.

See what your star people are made of

Ever wish you could clone your best employees? Well, we’ve got a much more cost-effective way to achieve that, which we call a Performance Profile. Leverage it to find lookalike candidates in your talent pool.

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Can I try AbilityMap for free?

You can get started with a free demo but to use AbilityMap for your next hire you’ll have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Who is AbilityMap for?

AbilityMap is for anyone that has a role to fill. It’s for small business owners, team leaders, hiring managers and recruiters to make better hiring decisions. For large organisations, reach out and we’ll schedule a time to show you the extra features and functionality available in our Enterprise plan.

What's the difference between AbilityMap Hiring Essentials and Enterprise plans?

AbilityMap’s Enterprise plan has an additional raft of features to support teams across larger organisations. When used across an organisation, AbilityMap is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to inform career pathing, restructures, development initiatives and more.

For more information, or to chat with sales, please contact us.

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