How Smart Commercial Solar use AbilityMap to Look into the Future

Company Overview

Smart Commercial Solar
North Sydney, New South Wales
Industry: Renewable Energy
Founded: 2012
101 - 500 Employees

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Anastasi Kotoros
Head of People, Culture & Client Experience at Smart Commercial Solar

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The Success

Streamlined recruitment process using AbilityMap
Quickly and accurately assess future candidates for culture fit
Won't make a hire without it

The Company

Since its launch in 2012, Smart Commercial Solar has revolutionised Australia’s commercial solar landscape. They are a trailblazer for the commercial solar industry, driven by innovation and a deep commitment to sustainability.

Smart Commercial Solar bring bespoke renewable energy systems and robust financial returns to Australian businesses. Their offering includes cutting-edge solar installations, battery storage and power purchase agreements.

Introducing: Anastasi Kotoros

“I am honestly excited every time I use AbilityMap”

Anastasi Kotoros is Head of People, Culture and Client Experience at Smart Commercial Solar. He’s been using AbilityMap for over 6 months, and now states categorically that he won’t make a hire without it.

We interviewed Anastasi to find out what made him choose AbilityMap. We wanted to know what he found most useful, and if there was anything he would improve about the process.

The challenge

“We’d gone through quite a few different types of salespeople trying to find the right personality and capability mix”

Smart Commercial Solar had an issue with their recruitment process. Placements were taking months, and they were regularly hiring the wrong people.

“Processes would run out 3, 4, sometimes 6 months”

Salespeople would fly through the interview process – something they are notorious for – but ultimately fail at the role. Despite interviewing extremely well, they did not have the capabilities to succeed at Smart Commercial Solar.

Where it went wrong

“We were relying so much on gut feel and intuition of key team members”

Anastasi says he’d tried 2 methods.

The first was old-school assessments and interviews. This led to inaccurate results and inconsistencies – particularly when different stakeholders had different opinions.

The second method was more successful but much more expensive. When old-school methods didn’t work, Anastasi engaged an organisational psychologist. This gave Smart Commercial Solar good insights into their candidates.

“That was great, but it was also very expensive”

Unfortunately, the organisational psychologist was too costly to use on every applicant, so this method was reserved for more senior and critical roles.

So, Smart Commercial Solar continued looking for something scalable, valid and reliable.

The Solution

“The salespeople we hired since using AbilityMap have been top-tier, well-performing people in the business”

Anastasi says he couldn’t believe it when he first heard about AbilityMap – it was the exact solution he needed. His colleague introduced him to AbilityMap, and he immediately felt like his recruitment dreams were answered.

“When I started getting into it, I realised this is something I dreamed about. It made all of that daunting exercise of using psychometric testing really easy, really accessible”

Anastasi initially hired 2 salespeople with AbilityMap – the first ones to stick in the business. He appreciated his new-found ability to hire people based on culture fit, behavioural capability and other factors, as well as technical skills.

Now, every new candidate completes their Imprint assessment before they reach the interview stage.

Anastasi says he can now take a candidate’s capability report and benchmark them against functional profiles like Growth Mindset and Remote Working. This has allowed him to assess whether candidates fit well in roles other than the ones they’ve applied for – saving recruitment time and costs.

Aside from the next-generation capabilities AbilityMap offers, Anastasi valued how easy the platform was to use. He said it was an obvious choice because of the simple, intuitive interface. While he says he appreciates the sophisticated algorithm behind the UI, he found it easy to pick up and pass on to other team members.

“A modern, intuitive interface”

The Future

“A quantifiable, reliable third party to give you the confidence that we’re making the right hire”

Now Smart Commercial Solar has streamlined their recruitment process using AbilityMap, they are ready to explore other use cases. Their confidence in the objective, reliable guidance AbilityMap offers means they no longer have to worry whether they’re making the right decision on a candidate.

So, what’s next?

Anastasi is heading up a culture-defining initiative using AbilityMap’s profiling tool. This will give Smart Commercial Solar a secondary lens to view candidates for culture fit.

“It helps me look into the future”

It starts by asking everyone in the company to share their views on what makes up their CompanyDNA.  Then, everyone is invited to complete an assessment to identify the collective strengths in their organisation. With those two reference points, the final CompanyDNA profile combines the two.

With CompanyDNA, Anastasi plans to use their blueprint to quickly and accurately assess future candidates for culture fit. If you’re interested, you can learn more about CompanyDNA here.

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