Co-Branding Guidelines & Marketing Resources

AbilityMap applies co-branding on assets that promote the benefits of AbilityMap’s solution with various partners in order to leverage both brands’ recognition.

Co-branding can encompass a large number of assets/activities, from digital to event marketing. It allows wider target reach and greater customer engagement for both brands.

Logo usage

AbilityMap’s co-branding guidelines are based on the principle of equal brand dominance and strength. As a result, we keep the numerous brands as autonomous as possible, giving all brands equal presence. Therefore, when co-branding:

  • Logos must be equally sized
  • Logos will be placed on equally visible spots
  • The usually required free space around the AbilityMap logo will be provided around both logos
  • The AbilityMap logo should never be used in the text
  • Only the logo provided by AbilityMap and no web-downloaded substitute can be used
  • Before displaying the AbilityMap logo all partners must have the suggested design signed off by [email protected]

Partners/Customers can only use marketing assets provided by or approved by AbilityMap to market the AbilityMap solution.


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