8 Traits of the Best Executive Assistants

What you need to know before writing your Executive Assistant Job Description

Writing a job description can be a tedious task. To do it well, you need to:

  • have a good grasp of the business and it’s culture;
  • awareness of the day-to-day job duties/responsibilities;
  • understanding of the education and experience requirements; and,
  • correctly identify the desired behavioural traits for candidates.

While the first three are relatively straightforward, understanding the mix of skills that separate the best from the rest is not as clean cut.

Chances are you haven’t personally worked with a great volume of Executive Assistants, so this insight can really only be garnered through research.

We’ve done the hard part for you, compiling data from companies using AbilityMap, to find the 8 traits inherent in the top Executive Assistants.

This free report is available now, simply enter your details and we’ll email you the link.

8 Traits of the best executive assistants
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