Job Profiler

Know what you should be looking for.

This component reliably identifies the capabilities that drive high performance in any job, using the same 31-point capability framework used for the Ability Imprint.

The Process

A Job Profile is created by selecting one of three AbilityMap Job Profiling strategies;

Expert Job Profile

Someone who knows the job well (a Line Manager or Hiring Manager) selects the capabilities they believe drive performance in a job. Then, a rigorous prioritisation process ranks the capabilities required for success in that role. The process takes 10-15 minutes.

Collaborative Job Profile

A group of people who know the job well each select the capabilities they believe drive performance in a job. Through collaboration, a final set of capabilities is selected, prioritised and ranked. The process takes 10-15 minutes.

High Performer Job Profile

A group of employees who consistently perform at ‘high performance’ levels completes Ability Imprints. The Imprints are compiled, and the Profiler identifies the strongest, common capabilities across this team and priority ranks them.

“It is our aim that every business has access to a job profiling tool that accurately pinpoints the capabilities required for job success.”

The Job Profile is a core component of the AbilityMap system. Using the Job Profile, a list of soft skills are generated to help businesses identify the true competencies required for high performance in a role.

A groundbreaking tool for recruitment, the Job Profile takes out the subjectivity and bias involved in the Job Analysis process. It gives you a clear list of what you should actually be looking for in candidates, not what you think you should be looking for!

Not only for recruitment, the tool can also be used to assess the different roles within your organisation, and in combination with the Ability Imprint and Matching Engine, ensure you have the right people in the right roles.

Job Profiling in Action

The AbilityMap Job Profiling process has been used by a large number of companies and individuals across major industries including: Medical & Pharmaceutical, Nursing, Financial Services, Sports & Leisure, Accounting, Recruitment, IT Services & Software, Manufacturing, Advertising, Transport, Higher Education, Construction, Mining, Courier Services and Coaching.




The benefits of the AbilityMap Job Profile

  • Gives businesses a way to objectively and scientifically determine the traits for individual success for any role
  • Built on the same capability framework as the Ability Imprint, laying the foundation for quick, accurate and scalable analysis
  • Generates a report outlining critical and essential capabilities for the role

Scientific Job Profiling

The Job Profile is built on an underlying capability framework developed by psychologist Kevin Chandler. Combining job profiling techniques and predictive algorithms, the AbilityMap Job Profile gives businesses access to an objective, scalable and cost-effective job profiling tool.