The Human Capability Balance Sheet

AbilityMap’s Talent Management Dashboard

Shift the Curve by Closing the Gap

The Human Capability Balance Sheet compares a group’s capability level to the high performance competencies required in a role. At a glance, the dashboard provides unprecedented insight into impact areas for training, development and coaching.

An In-Depth Look At Your Group’s Capability

The Balance Sheet dives deeper to understand a group’s level of capability across the full capability framework. It calls out opportunities for aspirational team growth or cultural alignment.

Compare Groups to Understand Gaps Contributing to Performance Variability

Team performance across a company varies, just like it does with individuals. Teams, just like people, require training and development of different skills to perform better. Comparing Groups delivers to Training and Direct Managers quantitative measure of specific development needs, optimising budget spend and return. 

Coach, Develop & Configure Your Teams

Talent Development becomes efficient and high-impact for both individuals and the business. Managers can now understand the underlying ‘whys’ in their people and structure coaching and development plans for success. Onboarding takes on a whole new and collaborative experience, when new team members partner with a Veteran competent in their development areas. Adding or removing individual team members from a Group models how new blood can improve overall team performance capability, in real time.