Talent Mobility

A talent mobility platform that works.

Engage and retain talent with an evidence-based career plan that shows your people the opportunities they have in your organisation.

With a shortage of good sales people in New Zealand, AbilityMap allowed us to cast a wide net and find people with natural sales skills who may have never considered it as a career. We take them in, train them up and get them jobs in some of New Zealand’s top companies.

Co-Founder & CEO, Apprento

Learn how AbilityMap can:

Boost Retention

Show team members they have the potential to go a long way in your organisation to keep them engaged. With AbilityMap’s talent mobility software, you can provide them with evidence supporting their internal mobility across multiple paths. It starts with understanding the capabilities that drives success across different roles.

Uncover new opportunities

When an individual completes an AbilityMap capability assessment, results will reveal their job-fit not only for their current role, but for every other Job Profile across your organisation. If there’s a great fit, this provides the basis for a conversation about trying something new: perhaps a data analyst would make a great salesperson, or an administration assistant would be excellent in marketing.

Improve employee engagement

Every individual you can engage and retain saves thousands in recruitment costs for your organisation. Showing someone that they are well-suited to step across into a different different projects to expand their experience and skills is an excellent way to ensure they feel engaged, challenged and valued.

Match talent to best-fit roles

AbilityMap’s data insights provide an enhanced understanding of people’s inherent capabilities. These insights can reveal an underperforming individual is better suited in another role, giving you the data needed to save money by redirecting instead of replacing talent.

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