Talent Development

High-impact training & development

Boosting your team’s capability can be an expensive and ineffective exercise if you don’t know exactly what you need to train them for. With AbilityMap, you define the critical capabilities that drive success in a role, compare your team members against this profile, identify skills gaps, then take high-impact action with targeted training, coaching and mentoring that unlocks talent development ROI.  

AbilityMap has been the solution we have been looking for in our capability journey.  It’s intuitive and efficient but most importantly has given us with the opportunity – as a global leadership group, to define multiple capability lenses through which to view our team.  Aligning leader support, development, succession & hiring around those gives us objective data & clarity that we need to deliver on our 5 year strategy. The real power is defining our business’ needed capability ‘lights on the hill’ and seeing our team & members’ inherent strengths in relation.

Chief People Officer, Movember

Know what great looks like

Just like recruitment, internal capability uplift success starts by pinpointing the capabilities and behaviours required for high performance in a role. Don’t make the mistake of investing training time and resources without first creating a success Profile that shows you exactly what good looks like.
Profile Fit Report

Evaluate your teams’ capability levels

Now that you know what good looks like, the next step is comparing individuals to this success Profile. Inviting them to complete our online evaluation enables this insight. AbilityMap uses proprietary science and technology backed by the latest cognitive and psychometric assessment, human behaviour and performance research to produce evidence-based results that can be applied at scale.

Invest training time and resources with confidence

With AbilityMap, detailed reports are produced providing insight into the overall measure of an individual’s fit to a job, skill strengths and gaps across each of the critical capabilities identified in the success Profile, and expected behaviours displayed at each criteria’s performance level.

In short, AbilityMap is a workforce assessment tool that shows you exactly who needs training and in what areas. This results in targeted talent development that will optimise your L&D spend.

Our global strategy changed, requiring increased customer focus and centricity. Using AbilityMap, we identified the capabilities we needed to support this shift and measured our workforce against these to identify priority areas for development across the business. We now apply that capability lense as a secondary dimension to all other AbilityMap Job Profiles when evaluating new hires.

Chief Financial Officer, NEP Group Australia