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Alex McNaughten

Alex McNaughten


Alex McNaughten is a co-founder of Apprento, an assessment, hiring and learning platform with a mission to inspire, nurture and unleash the next generation of high performing sales people. He has a background in B2B sales for both Kiwi start-ups and US tech giants. Alex had early success in business-to-business sales in the tech industry and then set up NZ's top tech sales consultancy – helping over 130+ businesses grow. Alex is passionate about elevating the sales profession and building A-player sales teams.
Mike Erlin

Mike Erlin

Co-Founder and CEO

America’s Cup Sailor, elite athlete and technologist, Mike Erlin has spent decades focused on human performance, specifically how matching the individual to the role is a critical driver of success. This passion and knowledge sits behind AbilityMap’s powerful people technology.

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Webinar Overview

Apprento share how they hit 95% recruitment accuracy and built A-player teams.

The scramble to attract and retain high-performance sales talent is incredibly competitive. Now, smart HR professionals can bypass traditional recruitment paths and leapfrog their competitors by utilising tech and science. 

Apprento are leading the way in identifying high-performance sales talent from non-traditional talent pools, developing their sales skills and then successfully placing them, with the help of AbilityMap’s technology.  

Join Alex McNaughten co-founder of Apprento, and Mike Erlin co-founder and CEO of AbilityMap, as they demonstrate the pioneering ways their businesses collaborate to explode the myths around recruitment, and then place the best people in the right roles. 

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Finding the best talent, from non-traditional talent pools. 
  • Why interviews mean nothing without structure and science of assessment. 
  • What it means to complete 900 individual imprints and how 95% hiring accuracy was obtained. 
  • When the process of identification, training and then recruitment match makes candidates a perfect role fit in defining roles. 

If you’re an HR professional looking to find the best talent, you don’t want to miss this webinar. 

From the research we’ve done 73% of people fall into a sales career. Unlike law and accounting, there are no clear career or development pathways for people to get into to sales. And globally, two thirds of people in a sales role do not hit their targets. Put that all together. It’s like the Wild West at Apprentice.

We’re changing that. So what we are doing is we are growing sales by growing salespeople and we always knew that we wanted to bring more people into the profession. Change, change the view of it, but we had to have a better way of understanding If people don’t have experience, what else is it that we can have a look at or understand to give us an indication?

They might be good for that role. So we have our own sort of process and ability map is a part of that process, but an important part of that process. So I suppose where Ability Map fits in is it’s part of our assessment process. So we do a mixture of individual assessment group assessment. And then we use Ability Map, and then we can also better match them with the different types of roles we’re going after.

Using Ability Map’s, insight to help that if someone scores well they’re not perfect, right? They’re not perfect. So there might be some areas where they need a bit more help with from a manager. It just also might inform we in. Bigger, more structured company environment versus a more growth company that’s a little bit looser.

What happens is that when they actually go through the ability map and we see their true preferences and motivations, they actually don’t really want to be in a sales role. It can help us uncover those that on the surface, Most people might say yeah, actually, look, that looks like a good person.

But actually when we look at their underlying motivators and preferences they shouldn’t be in a sales role. Our philosophy is anyone can be taught to sell, but not everyone wants to be in sales, if that makes sense. So we want to put people, especially on the placement side, is like when we, people we preferences not selling.

They’ll wanna stick at sales as a career. So I suppose, what it can help uncover is someone genuinely interested in this and genuinely has the propensity to be good in it and we’ll stick it out? Or are they just acting, so to speak in a interview type situation and putting on an act?

We have to really check ourselves and say, look how objective are we being in our process? And the ability MAP score has to be there. Otherwise it, it’s, it, we just can’t, we can’t move forward. It. And then in terms of, results we’ve had a broadly, a pretty good track record of success.

For example, from Canon who said to us of their first intake that they took from us of five reps. They’ve never had an intake where all five of them are good. Normally one or two will drop off. So most training does not think about the person underneath. It just looks at that, that, that bit of script, right?

So our view it, it is gotta be absolutely around mindset and belief, but you only get a sense of that by understanding people at a deeper level, which is what Ability Map allows us to do.

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