Owning a Seat at the Table: A Supercharged Webinar for HR Professionals.

Join us live: February 1, 2023

(Sydney time)
Join us and special guest, Paul Swain for a dynamic discussion which explores what it means for HR Professionals to Own a Seat at the Executive Table.

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Webinar Speakers

Paul Swain - Guest

Paul Swain - Guest

Principal Consultant at Ultimate People

Paul is the Principal Consultant at Ultimate People. Paul has spent over 20 years in the HR profession across multiple industries in Europe, Asia and Australia, the last 10 of which were spent as the HR Leader for household name businesses in Australia.
Jonathan Englert - Host

Jonathan Englert - Host

Founder at Andiron Group

Jonathan is a noted communications strategist and journalist specialising in disruptive technology with experience in HR and innovation culture. He is currently finishing a PhD at the University of Sydney which seeks to better define the ingredients behind technological invention and the communication of ideas.

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The Big Picture

During Covid, HR was often leaned upon to address existential questions, such as can we open or not? In doing so, HR established a strong position at the executive table however it is prudent to highlight that this relatively new position may be perceived as a tactical, time-bound appointment rather than a strategic, ongoing role by others within the Executive Team.

 So how do we maintain and leverage this central position in the business?

During this Webinar, we will dig into what being a business partner means at the executive level. We know it means listening and supporting good commercial objectives, but it demands more than this. Owning a seat at the table means seeing the whole of the business and delivering outcomes as that bridge between the people & the business.

Join us for a very rich discussion about how to effectively navigate away from some of the misperception out there about the true strategic value HR professionals can bring.

What We’ll Discuss

  • We explore what it means to own a seat at the Executive table.
  • Bridging that gap with communication to your Executive table peers.
  • Being a business partner by listening to what your business needs to succeed today and tomorrow.
  • Delivering on metrics and business objectives to drive a successful workforce.

We look forward to this interactive discussion & debate and bring along your questions for Q&A.