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The Power of Science in HR.

Join us live: May 23

10:30 am -
11:00 am (Sydney time)

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Webinar Speakers

Kevin Chandler | Guest

Kevin Chandler | Guest

Co-Founder & Science

Kevin Chandler is a leading human performance innovator with a background in computer science and organisational psychology. He has revolutionised hiring and talent management processes across industries.
Jonathan Englert | Host

Jonathan Englert | Host

Journalist and Technologist

Jonathan is a noted communications strategist and journalist specialising in disruptive technology with experience in HR and innovation culture.
Spend thirty minutes with Kevin Chandler, a recognised pioneer in the science of HR. Leading enterprises have turned to Kevin for decades to build the human foundations of their success.

This webinar continues exploring the role Science plays in HR. We welcome back journalist and technologist Jonathan Englert and Kevin Chandler, Co-Founder and Science of AbilityMap to discuss how to identify the unique business needs and use it to maximise the potential of your workforce, unlocking greater profit and productivity.

Join us to discover:

  1. How to de-risk and level-up your people strategy
  2. How to apply science-based strategies to know exactly what you are looking for
  3. The power of a versatile framework for jobs and people.

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