If you want human performance: organisations must apply methodology to identify the key attributes of top performers

Here’s a question: Do you know why your best employees are so good? On a granular level? If not… how can you possibly hope to identify and recruit more just like them?

Something I see time and time again is companies setting criteria for new recruits that bear little resemblance to the attributes of their most valued employees.

That’s where AbilityMap comes in – we help define your unique environment and specific capabilities required for role or business success. We help to evaluate and identify these traits as a foundation for a drastically improved recruitment strategy. From there, hiring teams are able to focus on finding the skills that have proven to be most effective in the role, team or organisation, rather than an abstract concept of what success ‘might’ look like.

I recently met with the VP of a global software company who was looking to grow the Australian sales team. He assured me his company had best practice hiring methodology, attracted the best candidates on the market, and onboard them well.

Why did he need my help, then?

There was a huge range in performance from top tier staff to those who were struggling. They staff turnover rate was one third of the workforce each year! Not an attrition level that screams “best practice”.

To figure out what was happening here, we ran an exercise. The VP and 40 sales managers each listed what they considered to be the most important traits for a new hire, chosen from AbilityMap’s list of 31 capabilities. The VP identified 24 of the capabilities as being ‘very important’. Not only is finding someone with all those qualities a needle in a haystack, but the sales managers each selected different combinations of key capabilities.

Clearly, the three-person panels used to interview candidates were each looking for something totally different. This discovery was the key to unlocking their attrition problem. 

To bring some certainty and accuracy to the hiring process, we used AbilityMap to identify the common qualities shared by the top 10% sales performers. 

Once the hiring teams started looking for new hires who exemplified those capabilities, there was a huge upswing in performance and a significant reduction in staff turnover. Now, they are not just hiring the best talent for the general market, but the best talent specifically for their ways of working and company culture.

A focus on human performance leads to a happier, more engaged, and fulfilled workforce – something that all organisations should be aiming for.

Here’s leading human performance expert Graeme Lammie, Executive General Manager – People Advisory, Troocoo on how AbilityMap fits into his work:

“What is the ‘secret sauce’ that enables high-performing employees to succeed in their roles?

Graeme Lammie, Troocoo

This is a question I am posing to a lot of businesses, and whilst most people may have an opinion, no one is confident that they know for sure.

By leveraging the tech and organisational psych expertise of our HR Tech partner, AbilityMap, I’m collaborating with businesses to help uncover this illusive ‘secret sauce’.”

And here’s more insight from Alex McNaughten, the co-founder of Apprento, a solution that is revolutionising identifying and cultivating top sales performers:

“As good as our methods are,” Alex said. “The beauty of AbilityMap is that it gives us a totally objective part of our process that allows us to remove any bias and emotions from our assessment. It is like an x-ray for a human’s true sales potential.”

Alex McNaughten, Apprento

If you are looking to answer, “what does a top performer look like in your business”, book a demo with us to share the first step in providing the answer.

You can read the full Apprento case study here.

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