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The Problem

Individuals and teams are struggling. Hybrid work. Attrition. The skills shortage. HRs are seeking a way to boost human performance and happiness. They need to fight attrition, supercharge recruitment and boost performance. Traditional psychometric assessments and capability frameworks can only do so much, AI/ML has its limits.

Our Solution

AbilityMap is Next-generation human assessment technology that looks at the individual, the environment and the role, delivering data-based insights into each independently and in relation to each other at a scale and cost never possible before.

Our Offer

AbilityMap is giving you the chance to define the human capabilities for performance in a job (e.g., Project Manager) or function (e.g., Leadership). This test drive will provide science backed insights that you can choose to act on.

It only takes a few minutes of your valuable time to enable your team to be more successful.

With this trial offer you’ll get two insight-packed reports:

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Profile Report

This gives you the capabilities viewed as most critical to effectiveness in a specific role as determined by a group of experts chosen by you.

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Expert Variance Report

The ranked capabilities selected by each expert you’ve asked to contribute.

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