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AbilityMap is changing the conversation

AbilityMap is a platform designed to pinpoint the actual drivers of performance in any given role. When you start there, conversations centre around defining performance, measuring candidates and producing quality shortlists of people ready to deliver.

1. Lead with an Expert Job Profile

An AbilityMap Expert Job Profile is a great conversation starter. It demonstrates you’ve thought about what the client really needs.

2. Collaborate to Refine the Profile Further

Work with your client to develop a Collaborative or High Performer Job Profile. They may even realise that what they thought they were looking for might have been off-target.

3. Identify the best candidates, supported by evidence

Use AbilityMap to objectively measure the ‘job fit’ of individual candidates against the Profile quickly and effectively. Present your recommendations, armed with supporting Job Fit reports.
For clients, it’s a recruiting experience like none they’ve had before.

“AbilityMap puts recruiters in a different class by leading with a scientific, fast, cost-effective solution that enables you to consistently deliver candidates with an inherent ability to succeed in your client’s business.”

Kevin Chandler

Co-Founder, AbilityMap

How it Works

Scientific. Fast. Cost-Effective.

AbilityMap Job Profile

A Job Profile is created by selecting one of three AbilityMap Job Profiling strategies.


Expert Job Profile

Someone who knows the job well (a Line Manager or Hiring Manager) selects the capabilities they believe drive performance in a job. Then, a rigorous prioritisation process ranks the capabilities required for success in that role. The process takes 10-15 minutes.

Collaborative Job Profile

A group of people who know the job well each select the capabilities they believe drive performance in a job. Through collaboration, a final set of capabilities is selected, prioritised and ranked. The process takes 10-15 minutes.

High Performer Job Profile

A group of employees who consistently perform at ‘high performance’ levels complete Ability Imprints. The Imprints are compiled, and the Profiler identifies the strongest, common capabilities across this team and priority ranks them.

Try the AbilityMap Job Profiler today!

Create your own unique Job Profile to see for yourself why recruiters who use AbilityMap are winning more jobs and delivering better placements.

The evidence you need

Most recruiters believe weak fill rates are due to a lack of suitable candidates or difficult clients. In reality, it’s because the evidence backing the candidate wasn’t sufficient to drive a fast client decision in your favour.


Job Fit Report

Providing a Job Fit Report alongside each of your recommended candidates gives your clients the objective proof that you are meeting their committed requirements. This detailed report contains:

  • A candidates’ ratings against each of the performance criteria
  • Detailed behavioural indicators
  • Candidate-specific interview questions

The Human Capability Balance Sheet

Built into the AbilityMap platform is an advanced tool that allows you to quickly identify how well long-list candidates compare to your client’s Profile criteria and to each other.

The result?

Better evidence driving faster decisions in your favour.

What Recruiters are Saying

“AbilityMap dramatically reduces bad hires and has driven improved productivity and performance of my sales team. Now we are applying this to differentiate our value as recruiters to our customers.”

Managing Director, Cox Purtell

“AbilityMap has let us change the recruitment conversation with our customer and demonstrate our value and difference. I’m becoming known for calling it ‘magic’. It makes us better for our clients and candidates.”

General Manager, ERG Recruitment Group

“We’ve been using AbilityMap with clients to give them even more information about the person that will be joining their organisation for the long term. As a result, we have better conversations with our clients and our candidates AND have better fill rates. A winner all-round!”


Accredited Professional Recruiter

“My customer’s board & executive team needed to come to one mind on the critical capabilities needed for a key role – quickly & effectively. The Collaborator Profile made it happen. They got value and noted it. Imprints allowed us to drill deeper into candidate strengths and weakness and present to my customer’s requirements with confidence.”

Managing Partner, Boyden

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