Find best-fit candidates. Every time.

Understand the capabilities that drive success in a role. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, there’s no room for guesswork. With AbilityMap, organisations create an evidence-based list of capabilities needed in a role, so you know exactly what you’re looking for when your hiring.

AbilityMap allows me to partner with my business customers in a way that I haven’t ever been able to do before.  I can quickly pinpoint exactly what hiring managers need the person to do and deliver candidates that are inherently strong in, and like, doing just that.


Talent Acquisition Manager, Angus Knight Group

Start by defining what success looks like

“Powerful” hiring tools for HR fail to accurately pinpoint the skills required for success in a role. Without that knowledge, you’re relying on gut feel and increasing the risk of a poor hire.

Defining the actual capabilities that drive success in a job is where any ‘Smart’ hiring tool should start. That’s why our AbilityMap’s Profile tool is the foundation of our solution and the key to better recruitment.

Identify the inherent skills of your applicants

AbilityMap’s gold standard, psychometric assessment defines the capability strengths and gaps of candidates in your recruitment funnel. Hiring companies and candidates receive a detailed report defining the individual’s top strengths.

Compare your applicants to the success Profile to find best-fit candidates

Armed with an accurate list of the human capabilities that drive success and a shortlist of applicants that fit based on the same framework, seeing the best-fit candidates is simple. Suitability rankings and detailed fit comparison provides a highly efficient, laser-focused and objective evaluation process.
List of candidates with AMCO Scores

Hire with confidence

You‘ve defined the capabilities that drive high performance in a role and refined your job descriptions. You’ve compared candidates against the AbilityMap Profile to identify the best-fit talent. Now, you have evidence to make an offer with the confidence that you’re making an informed and considered hiring decision that will enable your organisation to meet its goals.

A scientifically developed hiring tool for managers

Combing advanced profiling techniques and predictive algorithms, AbilityMap takes subjectivity and bias out of hiring. Built on a 31-point capability framework developed by psychologist Kevin Chandler, AbilityMap is a fast, accurate, scalable, and cost-effective recruitment assessment tool.

AbilityMap dramatically reduces bad hires and has driven productivity and performance of my sales team. Now we are applying this to differentiate our value as recruiters to our customers.

James Purtell

Managing Director, Cox Purtell